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Post by Beardy62 on Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:07 am

[1] : Please be respectful to all members of the server, we wish to create a community here and serious abuse will not be tolerated. However, banter does not count as "serious abuse".
[2] : No advertising any discord servers/external links (Unless they're to do with Call of Cthulhu, examples of this are Chaosium websites and DriveThruRPG.
[3] : When asking for help please only ask once, do not spam the chat, someone will eventually get to you. Do not ask for Call of Cthulhu specific help in the support chat, that is only for issues with the server. "ECZilla" is always online (even though it says he's offline). If he doesn't respond he's most likely in a ritual trying to summon Cthulhu.
[4] :  Keep NSFW content to the NSFW section. (This does
NOT mean you can place explicit images)
[5] : Keep all content specific to the channel which you're messaging
[6] : Before messaging any channel check the channel description. (Click the text at the top, this will help you)
[7] : Try to allow new players to join your game and encourage them to join you.
[8] : Please invite any people you play D&D with to this server, we want to grow this community and make it an easy place to ask questions as a player or a keeper as well as finding groups of players.

[9] : Don't discuss politics, we're here to have fun not to create internal conflict from different views.

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